The Benefits of Having an Aquarium at Home

The Benefits of Having an Aquarium at Home

Looking Back

About 20 years ago, the husband owned a 50 gallon aquarium and a smaller 15 gallons tank. He took care of different fishes. He had an Oscar  (Astronotus Ocellatus), a Knife fish (featherbacks, family Notopteridae) , an Arowana and a Janitor fish (Pterygoplichthys). I have witnessed how he took care of all. Back then, I thought it is complicated to clean the fish tank. It was a stress reliever for him, he said.

It was only now that I realized what he meant “stress reliever”. We still have his old 15 gallon tank and used it for our 7 Shubunkins.  It was because of our younger daughter that we were encouraged to use his old tank and set it up at home. Our daughter saw beautiful gold fishes being sold outside school and bought two. She has learned to care for her fishes and they started growing, literally and in numbers. We saw how joyful she is with all her pets. She also shed tears for the ones who died, especially when the first two fishes she had passed. Still, we can see benefits having them at home.

Aquarium fishes

Some Benefits of an Aquarium

  • It has calming effects for children and adults as it helps you get better sleep.
  • It brings a sense of nature into your home.
  • It is also known to help lower stress levels and control blood pressure of the owners.
  • An aquarium isn’t something of high maintenance but develops a sense of responsibility in you too.
  • An aquarium may also be relaxing for the senior members of the family.
  • Feeding the fishes and cleaning the tank is also a chance for a quick family bonding.
Benefits of an Aquarium
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Your fish tank doesn’t really have to be big. A bowl with a fish or two, would be enough to provide you several great benefits. Pets, no matter what type of animal they are, is said to have physical and psychological benefits on humans.



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