In Defense of the Shout Out Girl

In Defense of the Shout Out Girl
The Shout Out Girl

K is the shout out girl, and she is my daughter. Every parent of a “bullied” daughter would react. Yes, after the celebrity tweeted and credited her through a shout out, online bullying happened. She did not invite this at all, but with our guidance, she learned many lessons. She learned different characters. She learned to be a lot more kind but mind you, she is also a lot tougher. She is winning the fight.

Open Letter

I had this tweeted and posted in Facebook. You can consider this as an open letter of the art student’s mom who knows that her daughter only responded with kindness as a fan. They call it “fan-girling” – some understood her, some did not. She has been making artworks of celebrities she like. But then again, she does not deserve all the foul words thrown at her. Can we not just be kind, through words and actions?

Shout out Girl

You tried to destroy her, failing to realize that when a good woman gets broken down, shes stronger when pieced back together.” ~ R.H.Sin

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