Celebrating the Little Things: Gratitude from the First Half of 2024

Celebrating the Little Things: Gratitude from the First Half of 2024

Feeling great as we express our gratitude for the first half of the year. June has just started but I have come to realize that there are hundreds of things to be grateful for. These are the many things we have experienced, enjoyed, opportunities we missed, cried about, felt disappointed with and eventually understood, a few friendships started, places visited, and learnings acquired. After all these, even if it is hard, we choose joy, we choose kindness, and we choose family.

Sincere Gratitude Evokes Joy and Positivity

I’m at the point in life where I believe that initiating kindness is always a win-win situation. When we are genuinely grateful – giver and recipient, both parties take home something golden from within. The act itself creates joy and positivity that again can be shared with a few other people. As we always hear – go forth and multiply. It was referring to this beautiful thing called kindness. It creates a ripple effect in our lives. And, by practicing kindness and gratitude, we aren’t just looking after ourselves here. We brighten our own lives indeed, but also foster the same to those around us.

Little and unusual Things to be grateful for
  • Your child enjoying a memorable school educational tour – No more companions are requested by my 8th grader. She enjoyed their school’s educational tour as it did not just involve being independent but also land and water activities that required teamwork. 
  • Your jeepney fare being passed on by a stranger
  • The sincere smile of the cashier when you paid the exact amount
  • Being able to visit your mom on Mother’s Day at the cemetery – It has been a while when we last visited my Mama at the cemetery, but this year is special as it isn’t just Mother’s Day we are remembering her for, but it was also her 81st birthday (could have been).
  • A stranger opening up the convenience store’s door for you
  • Web version and online availability of the childhood games we used to play – unusual to have gratitude for these but since we learned about this website during pandemic, I go back from time to time to play. I also encourage the kids to play here as it also allows them to learn math skills, marketing strategies, simple coding, business and planning abilities while still having fun. Our favorites are the grocery store games, restaurant simulation games, and kids liked the Run, Run Duck and the Treasure of the Apes too. 

gratitude online game

  • The lady you saw feeding stray cats and dogs at the park
  • Being the first to know about your cousin’s wedding plans – Super happy and surprised about my cousin Mabel’s wedding. She told me about it just maybe three days before the actual wedding and I was the first to know (aside from the two of them). Totally teary-eyed and grateful she’s finally tying the knot and I am praying for their marriage and family to grow beautifully as well.
  • Your girls enjoying cosplay events
  • An instant family reunion – Though it wasn’t the family reunion we were planning, we, along with my cousins, aunts and only uncle left are still grateful being able to see and hug each other, especially in times of loss. Uncle Jose and Aunt Mely passed just few days apart. It was shocking to every one of us, but we all decided to accept and cherish the memories we have with them both.
  • The giant tree providing shade from the sun


  • Your child’s volleyball team winning a game
  • A friend inviting you for a coffee date – To be honest, it wasn’t me and my friend who actually planned this meet-up but our girls. Who wouldn’t be grateful that your child is friends with your friend’s child? Their friendship may have started online; however, these girls are genuinely affectionate, thoughtful and supportive of each other. 
  • Early class dismissal
  • Being able to join a bazaar as a merchant
  • Your kids excelling at school
  • Delicious side dish given by your next-door neighbor
  • Freebies from your favorite air-dry clay supplier
  • The market vendor giving you discounts


  • Your niece’s hugs and laughter
  • Your pet dog leaps in joy when you arrive after 5 minutes being away
  • New movie coming up from your favorite actress
  • Beauty tips from your pretty cousin
  • Immediate personal message reply from your high school friend
  • Your grandmother gifting you with fruits – we often receive food gifts from hubby’s relatives, and we totally love it! Bananas, tray of eggs, rice, chocolates, noodles and recently, ripe mangoes. I decided to make mango shake and iced candies out of it and shared it to them as well. So nice to be able to re-share what was shared to you.

  • Sold many items you sell online
  • An old man sharing his pen when you forgot yours
  • A full 8 hours of sleep during your work rest day
  • Back massage from your other half
  • Catching up the last train on your way home

The list we have here are just few of the great number of things we are grateful about. We come across life’s ups and downs in our daily lives but let us not allow those low days hinder us from being grateful people. As they say, grateful people are happy people. Developing a proper and positive mindset is one key to having a happy heart – a heart flowing with gratitude. We are looking forward to having more in this list in the second half of the year!



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