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    Vagex Credits: How To Get Twitter Post URL

    I thought of making this guide in relation to my previous Vagex post. As I have mentioned in that post, there are several ways to earn credits for Vagex. Facebook and Twitter posts are just 2 of the 9 ways to earn from Vagex. But, I have read in the forum that there are a lot of Vagex members that can’t get their credits even if they submitted their posts already. Why? What could be the reason why we either get an email that the links we submitted are not found or invalid? One big reason is not submitting the correct link. Here’s how to get the correct URL of…

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    How To Increase YouTube Views

    I know a lot of us whatever the reason is wants to increase You Tube views and subscribers. And just as to let you know, you can get views for free or by subscription.  That’s why there’s Vagex for everyone. Aside from the views and subs you’ll get from signing up in VAGEX, you also earn from viewing other member’s videos. There are actually several ways to earn from Vagex and here are just some of the means: 1. View videos and get views on your own videos. 2. Refer your friends. 3. Post about Vagex via social networking sites like YouTube, Twitter, Google +1 and Facebook. You can also…

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    Toddler Photography

    A Rottweiler, Amber is just almost a year old yet he’s so big. It’s her bath time. These first photos were taken with my assistance of course but the last one is all hers. I am referring to my almost 2yo daughter who has liked gadgets at her young age. She’s using a portable DVD player, a GameBoy, an Apple ipod and the latest which I think is what she liked most of all is our digital camera. She kept watching her own video in it for how she learned to turn it ON, I am not sure but most probably by observing. She also knows how to go back and…

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    Lovable Labels … Lovable it is!

      These totally cute labels are finally Sophia’s own…it has her name in it,right? I am definitely glad that Sophia loved the stickers and is already thinking on where to stick and use them. It finally arrived last October 8 (as stated in the photo). And just so you’d know, I won these Back to School Pack Lovable Labels stickers from a blog contest. It was STEFtember indeed.

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    The Chocolate Bar

    I was once out to look for a Christmas gift my daughter Keanna can bring for their class’ exchange gift when I saw this chocolate bar…and I decided to buy 2. One for her classmate and one for her. Don’t be deceive, it’s a pencil case!

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    Lunch At Red Box

    The Appetizer Main Dish Dessert Red Ribbon cake Friends & my kids All these has made an ordinary day extra special. Thanks Jo, Lyn, Chad, and Mac for taking time. I really appreciate it.  Hoping this isn’t the first and last get together. Next time, I wish we could be with our other friends too. Red box is a nice place for get together like this and for other occasions too.  It’s okay to have your kids with you since there is a designated room for each group to enjoy their food and good music too. My elder daughter had a great time singing and my toddler enjoyed the fish fillet and Turon they…

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    It was an ordinary day with a special occa sion to celebrate. I got a birthday postcard from Mommy Rubz of Postcard Enthusiast. It was so nice of her. This is so far the 2nd postcard I got from PMC friends and I am somehow looking forward to receive more. I am sending out 4 postcards too.