Lunch At Red Box

The Appetizer

Main Dish


Red Ribbon cake

Friends & my kids

All these has made an ordinary day extra special. Thanks Jo, Lyn, Chad, and Mac for taking time. I really appreciate it.  Hoping this isn’t the first and last get together. Next time, I wish we could be with our other friends too.

Red box is a nice place for get together like this and for other occasions too.  It’s okay to have your kids with you since there is a designated room for each group to enjoy their food and good music too. My elder daughter had a great time singing and my toddler enjoyed the fish fillet and Turon they served. The cake was yummy too, t’was not from Red Box though but from Red Ribbon. A gift from my childhood friends. Thank you! You guys made me feel or should I say reminded me that it is my birth anniversary, ha ha!

Cheers to a good & happy life!

I am joining

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