Blogger Award

My first blog award! I’d like to thank MomDaughterreviews for this Versatile Blogger award. I really appreciate it. And so after receiving this award, I have to share with you 7 things about me that you may and may not know.
7 Things About ME
1. I just lost my Mom last December.
2. I love to cook and bake but I don’t have an oven not a big kitchen so I can move about easily.
3. I’m planning to visit Buhi, Camarines Sur this May.
4. I get to watch Backyardigans, Hi5 & Strawberry Shortcake DVDs everyday.
5. I dream of winning the Lotto to buy a new H&L for the family.
6. I like to bring my daughters to HongKong Disneyland or migrate to AU or NZ instead.
7. I am now a SAHM who seeks to earn online via blogging and is still looking for home based job opportunities.
I’m a passing this award to 8 bloggers I randomly selected from my followers list. And they are:

Get Back That Passion

Crafts (including sewing) has been one of my passions. I’d like to be able to create dresses for my kids just like the way my Mama did for me when I was little. But, where did that passion go?

I have been feeling a little lazy to get started with it. Part of me insists to shrug the feeling off.

And I really want to. I need more positive energies to overcome this feeling. I need to move on. I have to act or soon I will regret not embracing all the opportunities in front of me.. of not using the talent (if it is indeed a talent) bestowed on me. I’d like to remember my dearest inspiration and I want her to be happy for me… and proud of me too.
This passion for crafts and sewing made me collect ideas I’ve seen and read from the internet. The “how to’s”, “where to’s” and “what to’s”. They are all saved in folders I named differently depending on their categories. I just hate that I find myself overwhelmed that I kept adding more tasks to do when I haven’t finished yet what I have already started. Tons of ideas occupies my mind that I can no longer remember where have I stopped on the project that I have initiated.
And I saw a blog post. A contest that is. This could be the spark. This could be a sign for me to get up and move. I don’t want to waste more time and energy with nothing to call an accomplishment. With this in mind, I’d like to share with you a Birthday & Beauty Giveaway promo where you could win prizes to start a blog where you can share your own passion for just about anything. Cash prizes are in store too for it has a number of sponsors and…

Earn from Links & Reviews

I have already posted here that this blog will showcase products of my new hobby which is sewing. Just after a few days, I came to realize to widen my horizon in this blog. All my hobbies will now be included. You may wonder what they are but I too love reading novels, watching series and movies. I also would like to learn more about photography and is dreaming of owning a dslr cam, I guess that”s far from reality for now. I am into scrapblogging and can make crafts too (that”s when I don”t feel really lazy like today).

Yeah! They”re quite a list to call but aside from that, I”d like to take the opportunity to too. I”ve learned about Link From Blog from my friend G and it is really promising.
I get to share what I love to do and I can also earn from it. Nice, right? It is a company which started 2008 and is located in Minnesota, USA. And as a blogger, our safety is one of their priorities here. We are definitely free from false advertising since they are legit and ethical. You can get paid through your Paypal accounts as well.
By the way, I have to stop sewing last night since the plug of the sewing machine”s adapter got busted, I mean ruined. I got so scared last night that I have to turn off the electricity main source for a few minutes just to be able to remove the “remains” of the plug itself. Whew!


Today is the 100th day since my Mama passed away. I’ve made a scrapblog for her and decided to make a short clip of it. I’ll be creating copies in vcd or dvd format too and give to her siblings. These are only few of her photos…few of her memories and a number of people whom she met, talked to, took care of, befriended and loved. Tears flowed several times while creating this tribute and I will never be ashamed to cry it out again. I am just so thankful and privileged that I am her daughter, her one and only to be exact.

This is for Mama, for my Aunts & Uncles, for the rest of our relatives, for our friends and for my family. Please pardon me if some ain’t have their photos here, for sure I missed a number of people but we are definitely thankful that you all were part of my mother’s life. You have made it more meaningful & wonderful. She’s happy to have met you all. Thank you everyone!


I”m a fan of my Mom. She”s the BEST there “was” for me and this song has made me cry numerous times most especially when my Mom passed away.
Mama, I know you are happy where you are now. I just truly miss you so much. You know that I dedicate this song for you and we”ve listened to this repeatedly at home and even before you bid your farewell. I really appreciate everything. I love you so much!
My Mama was once an OFW. These photos were taken at Kuwait where she was a sewer for 2 years. 


This is my very first time to join

The First Stitch

Hi there! Welcome to my newest blog.

It”s been awhile since I last blogged. I missed it, honestly. So, thanks to some of my friends like G, Iris & AC for the inspiration they brought back to me. Now, I have added this new blog I called Stitches of Life.
Stitches of Life it is …
Mainly because our life is like patches or stitches. They are different in names, colors and styles. There are loops and knots too. Now this new blog site will showcase clothings that I”ll be able to sew or should I call them my “produce”.
I had the loneliest Christmas last year. My Mom passed away.I may look okay but I lost weight and is still coping. My Mama is really my inspiration in deciding to start a small sewing biz at home. Well, I guess I shouldn”t be calling it yet a biz but a hobby.

My Mom and I have been planning this even before we found out about her Peri Ampullary tumor. I bought yards of different fabrics, threads, buttons, ribbons and a sewing machine online casino for her. She was able to finish some for my kids.
The one I love most is Haley”s birthday dress.

(photo on the right shows Haley held by my Mom while wearing the dress)
Her loss really broke me, but thanks God for my Mom was able to nurture me with open-mindedness and positivity. She suffered and felt so much pain but accepted her death whole-heartedly. She requested for us to be happy & smile as we wait for her home coming (from the hospital that is). She passed away a day after we brought her home.
Life itself doesn”t stop when you lose a loved one. It is also true to be easier said than done…but we all know time heals.

God is so powerful that he can calm down the most upset ocean.
That chapter in my life has passed. I”m moving on and this is what my Mom requested of me. She wanted me to be strong for my kids, to continue to be positive about life and it”s challenges, to smile and embrace every sunshine a daylight brings and to be happy and thankful for all the blessings we receive.
Each of us are sewers because LIFE is how we stitch it.

The Walking Dead Social Game on Facebook


And I am just as excited as everyone who is into The Walking Dead. Everyone has been anticipating the premiere of The Walking Dead Season 3 which will be aired on Sunday, October 14 at 9/8c. To ease my zombie excitement, I started playing the AMC The Walking Dead Social Game on Facebook.  This is where you get to feel the thrill and so as the fear of the zombie apocalypse just like what you see from the TV show.

With the social game, you get to pick your character. Just like with other Facebook games there is, you can customize, send and receive gifts, upgrade your character's abilities and ammo, and so as complete tasks. Expect to face zombies as you complete the tasks in The Walking Dead beta game. That is where you start to feel the thrill and eagerness to kill those zombies that would hinder and block you from completing the tasks. And since my elder daughter is also in anticipation of The Walking Dead, she now wants to try and play the game and kill as much zombies as possible.

So, are you also eager to defend yourself and hit zombies? Check out the Facebook game and enjoy..I mean fear no one!


XFactor Philippines Grand Winner

Who doesn't watch the XFactor Philippines? Oh c'mon!

After weeks of exhausting and headache inviting search from auditions to boot camp to live performances, the judges Pilita Corales, Martin Nievera, Charice and Gary V. can already breathe. From perspiration to tears and from fears to cheers, the first ever XFactor Philippines grand winner has been named…

Congratulations KZ Tandingan!

You deserve that title – the first ever XFactor Philippines champion! 4M worth of prizes is what's in store for the XFactor grand winner. That already includes the recording contract and knowing ABS CBN, KZ will go a long way!

Amongst the top 3 singers, performers rather, KZ emerged as the first ever XFactor grand champion. Martin Nievera was right when he said that there are no losers, but there's only one grand winner. I saw KZ during her audition and had the same feeling that she will definitely go a long way. It was the same feeling I had when I saw and heard the pop princess Sarah G. and Charice sing. She is  already a winner in that audition performance as all XFactor judges gave her a standing ovation. She was even requested to give another c piece to sing. KZ was born a superstar! All her performances always trend in Twitter and YouTube too. She is really a brilliant performer. KZ definitely has the XFactor!

Photo from Google Images

Last night (Saturday) was their performance night where the live audience couldn't contain their hearts out as they clap and shout for their supported singers. Aside from their final performance, the 3 singers sang their hearts out as they performed with some of the top OPM singers in the Philippines. Daddy's Home performed with the soul siren Nina, KZ sang with Rico Puno while Gab was with cutie Bamboo.  Yes! One of my many crushes is Bamboo. He is really good looking and talented. Tonight, the 3 finalists sang with previous champions from the different previous talent searches of ABS CBN and another number with their respective mentors.

Daddy's Home was named 3rd placer and Gab Maturan as the 2nd placer.

Oh! And before I forget, KC Concepcion was really pretty and blooming. She was a fantastic host for XFactor Philippines in all honesty. I know, her decision to stay with ABS CBN was a good one.

Congratulations to all singers who made it to the boot camp and finals !!

Kudos XFactor!

Kudos judges!

Kudos KC!

Congrats Daddy's Home and Gabriel!

Best wishes KZ Tandingan!


I am now gonna miss late night weekends because of XFactor Philippines .

Vien: Unisilver Jewelry Kiddie Talent Search FInalist

My friend's daughter, Vien, is a pretty multi-talented 6 year old girl. We have seen her wit and charm in a noontime show, Eat Bulaga, as she joined the talent search and made it in as a finalist for Luzon. I am sure that you remember how she rocked your lunch time with her own version of Lady Gaga's Born This Way.

Now, she has joined another talent search and this time, it is for Unisilver Jewelry. Vien has already made it in the finals.

Friends, let us once again support little miss Vien. Here is the link where you ca watch and like her talent video. Let us vote for our dear Avienda in her Unisilver Jewelry stint and help her make her dream happen and come true.

Kindly click on the link or the video itself to make your view count…so as your likes! Thank you so much everyone!