5 Points To Focus on When Designing Your Bedroom

5 Points To Focus on When Designing Your Bedroom

Keeping the bedroom clean, the entire house rather,is something I try to do despite a busy work schedule. Seeing the the rooms clean and making them stay so but having a homey feeling are two different things.

While having designer items around will definitely make your bedroom prettier, it doesn’t always have to be. Picking out pretty furniture and home decorations would do the trick, also here are 5 points to focus on when designing your bedroom to keep it cozy.


Have something that stands out. Sure, white is safe, so is beige, but what about red? True, red could be too loud and stimulating, but you can soften that with beige or white pillows and linens for your bed to match. Red color can also be paired generally with Black. Red and Black combinations gives a subtle elegance.

If you would go Green, feel free to do so. Not only that it looks cool (just like the color Blue), Green also has a calming effect – as id it heals! Green is believed to help with fertility too, definitely perfect for the the bedroom walls!

bedroom wallpaper

If you love the beach, by all means, choose Blue for your walls or even just for the bedroom ceiling.  Let the color of the skies and heaven rule your bedroom. Light Blue color has its calming effect on us – it is like life suddenly is at ease.

Yellow Bedroom

If designing the kids’ bedroom, Yellow paint is a good choice for the walls. Aside from being an obviously happy color, Yellow enhances ones focus and intelligence.

Bed, Cabinets, and co.

Having furniture that suits the overall look of a bedroom is a good investment. You can choose a style: if you’re the traditional type, go for rich wood dressers – mahogany or nut colored woods would be beautiful. These would look really dramatic when you put your favorite family photo on top.

Having the bedroom wall painted red, large frames with white would surely pop out.

If you are the minimalist kind of person, having a platform bed will give your bedroom that zen atmosphere. Choose furniture of course that also spells minimalism – usually, white ones would do the trick.

If you have the space, a hammock with stand, especially if you have window wall, or a balcony would be a relaxing spot.

Minimalist Bedroom

For a cottage, garden-ish look, go for the versatile green for your walls or a green themed wallpaper. For add on designs, rattan and wicker beds and furniture are your go-tos. It will give that “I love nature” look and feel.

Blue everything for a relaxing aura all-around.  Maybe have an orange  rug to break the monotony!

Bed sheets and company

Choose bed sheets that will match – either soften or strengthen the color of your wall.

Brown matches well with beige and so would apple green. Blue would complement yellow, but it depends on the shade. Teal and red also goes well together if you’re the rebellious type. And you can always have your linens mismatch for an edgy look.

Use pillows yes, but don’t overdo it. Too much pillow might not look as cozy and will do you extra work for washing too many at a time.

5 Points To Focus on When Designing Your Bedroom


Lighting definitely do wonders for a room. Careful choosing the type and shade, your room would not only appear bigger, it would also give off a cozier feel. Mirrors are a must, they make rooms look bigger, reflects window lights well, and you need it anyway before going out everyday.



Let your inner interior designer out –  add your personal choice of vases, side chair, flowerpots, antiques, drapes and even picture frames.

Bedroom accessories

You can have DIY built-in bookshelves for your collection, or a display case of your partner’s toys. It is a good way to display indoor air plants too. Whichever, having your bedroom personalized will make staying in more comfortable and relaxing.

For design ideas, here are some to inspire you, or follow me on my pinterest account where I post other inspirations.

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