Welcoming 2012

I really did not bother prepare bigtime for this year. I guess the excitement was not totally within me. Something strange preoccupied my thoughts and my heart. I wasn’t feeling genuinely happy about a lot of things. I tried my best to shrug it off by taking care of the kids and finding ways to earn from home, so as keeping in touch with friends and relatives. These things and people kept my sanity.

I ordered what we call Biko and Palabok from a friend’s sister. I made those cathedral window jellos.

The fireworks blasted at the half of this month. We were half an inch away from “the end”, really. You can almost hear me sing ?? “all my bags are packed, I’m ready to go..” I was so sure it was the sign I was waiting for after attending the mass at the Quiapo Church last Sunday but then something else happened..and I think that was the real sign. I vowed to take care of my kids and love them more than I love myself and I will never leave without them.

Now, I am still here not because I can’t leave and live off him but because I glady gave it the chance to start over. Agreeing to correct mistakes at once and refrain to commit them as much as necessary.

Life goes on…a stitch and a patch made us go through a painful part of it but we both deserve a chance to be happy.

8 thoughts on “Welcoming 2012

  1. medyo late na pero Happy new year pa rin mommy.. Hope your okay now..hehehe..
    always choose to be happy…parang ako lang din.. i always choose to be happy…love! love! love! kahit nakmi lang ng anak ko..just like youi find my joy, happiness and sanity sa mga friends ko..sa baby ko..and little things around me like I was able topay my bills and my house rental..hehehe..

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