Successful Love Laban Pride PH Festival at Quezon City Memorial Cirle

Successful Love Laban Pride PH Festival at Quezon City Memorial Cirle

Love Laban Pride PH has been held at the Quezon City Memorial Circle last Saturday, June 24th. The successful event was held in celebration of Pride Month this June. People from the LGBTQ+ community gathered to celebrate and honor 1969 Stonewall Uprising which started the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States until now wherein Gay Pride Month has attracted millions of people all over the world.

Love Laban Pride PH

Many celebrations like concerts, parties and workshops happen during the entire month of June, the Pride Month. Events are well-participated by the members of the community to recognize, celebrate and remind everyone of the valuable contributions of the LGBTQ+ people in the community and the world too. Filipinos has a number of celebrations following the June Pride Month and Love Laban PH at the Quezon City Memorial Circle is just one.

Love Laban PH

The Love Laban Pride PH last Saturday started as early as 6AM up until 9PM. It was a fun-filled star-studded event wherein city mayor, Joy Belmonte also supported. LGBTQ+ members from all over the city and nearby provinces paraded their way at the event. Some even showcased their talents too. LGBTQIA+ owned businesses, allied companies and some Non-Government Organizations attended the bright and colorful event. Some other events that took place in support to the LGBTQ+ community’s persistence in valuing and promoting inclusivity and is themed – “All Out with Pride”.


I’m proud to also say that the company where I’m employed right now is very much promoting inclusivity – fact that I have already mentioned previously. TASKUS has participated in several Pride Month celebrations here in the metro. In TASKUS, we believe that there is strength in solidarity and that our differences make us stronger – than ever.  We believe that though we have different hues, we are all ridiculous individuals who can leave our legacy of beautiful colors to the world.

Quezon City Circle Pride PH

We are now in a world where discrimination is no longer tolerated, and everyone is encouraged and embraced. This is the time where your gender preferences or sexual orientation is no longer questioned. These celebrations during the Pride Month, just like Love Laban Pride PH is a grand reminder of acceptance and equality. As you know, even if you aren’t a member of the community, you are welcome. Have you participated in one?

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