Corned Tuna on Veggies: Simple and Healthy

Simply Healthy, Simply Happy!

Corned Tuna

Corned Tuna

Cooked a simple yet healthy lunch for the family one day last January – Corned Tuna on Steamed Veggies. This is particularly easy to prepare as the corned tuna is readily available at the supermarket. I always make it a point to saute canned goods – sardines, tuna flakes, corned beef, and this corned tuna. Crushed garlic and sliced onions add up to the taste. not to mentioned added benefits too.

Got to buy 250gms of Baguio beans last market day, so that’s what I used for this meal. But, you can use any veggies you might have – cauliflower, cabbage, spinach and even broccoli will do.

For a stay/work from home Mom like me, it is quite hard sometimes to think and prepare the family’s meal of the day. Especially if you have a picky eater, a curious toddler and a spouse that loves to alternate most all-time-Filipino-dishes. Not to mention a slightly tight budget. This particular day, I did not ask for their meal requests, I gave in to mine! Thus, the steamed veggies.

To my surprise, they all liked it too! Both our girls eat veggies – who wouldn’t like that? They may be both picky at times but does not say NO to veggies. The only vegetable they might think twice in eating is eggplant. With this meal, they get the benefits of both veggies and tuna. Simple and healthy!

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