What to Consider when Choosing a School for your Child

What to Consider when Choosing a School for your Child

Choosing a school for your child is a very big decision to make. This is down to the decision having a big impact on how it alters the course of your child’s life. School is either the best time or the worst time for a child depending on the educational institution that they attend. There are many options to choose from such as private schools, state schools and even boarding schools. There are many questions that you should be asking yourself at this point when you are trying to work out the best route for your child to take.

The obvious things to look out for would be league tables, exam results and the type of teaching that goes on inside. Here are some top tips from a private school in Harpenden, on what to consider when choosing the best school for your child.

Is a private school or state school the way forward?

For many parents, the decision between sending their child to a private or state school falls on the affordability. If this isn’t the case for you and your family, then it may be one of the first decisions that you come to make. Do your research on both state and private schools to ensure that you have a good understanding of what they are. State schools have changed a lot and are among some of the very best in the nation, with parents comfortably being able to afford to educate their children regardless of being able to afford to send them to a private school.

If you are interested in schools that heavily promote sports or music, the additional resources of a private school may prove to be a better choice for your child. If boarding was something that you wanted for your child, you will most definitely have to choose go private as not many state schools offer this facility.

Should they follow in the steps of family and friends?

schoolMajority of the time, sending your child to a school that their siblings or friends already attend makes life a whole lot easier for you. You will already be familiar with the teachers, school route, teaching style and overall feel of the establishment. Your child may also feel as though the situation is highly disastrous if all of their friends go to one school and they go to another, leaving everyone they know behind. This is one good option, however, there is another.

If the primary school your child attends leads into a number of secondary schools, it is more than likely that they will get separated from their friends at some point. Similarly, if the school you are considering for your child mainly consists of a large number of new starters, it will be easier for your child to get on and settle.

What transport will they need to get to school? 

Sometimes, you may find the perfect school for your child, but the distance or time frame could be what deems as an issue. One thing that needs to be remembered is what is appropriate for your child from the start to the finish of the academic years. if you choose to do the school run, you may be signing yourself up for six to seven years of doing this every day, which may not be ideal for you in the long run. Is the location of the school worth the journey, and is there a possibility for them to be able to use public transport with their friends?

These are the questions you need to be asking yourself right now as they will save you a lot of time and energy in a few years. Best of luck in choosing a school for your child!

2 thoughts on “What to Consider when Choosing a School for your Child

  1. I am interested in finding a Christian school for my own children after seeing the beneficial effects of faith-based education on a close friend’s kids. I cherish the blending of religion and learning, and I am certain that a Christian school setting will provide students with a solid moral basis and foster their spiritual development. It’s excellent that you noted how it will be simpler for your child to adjust and fit in if the school you are contemplating for your child primarily comprises a significant number of new beginnings. I’ll remember this.

  2. When you mentioned that many parents base their choice of sending their child to a private or public school on affordability, you struck on an issue that is significant to me. You mentioned that it may be one of your first choices if this isn’t the case for you and your family. I usually take my finances and resources into account when making purchases or making investments, but I believe that paying for a Christian school that would foster my child’s academic success and faith is well worth every dollar.

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