An Alternative Outlook with Natural Remedies for Type 2 Diabetes

Photo Credits: Women’s Health Magazine
Photo Credits: Women’s Health Magazine

If your doctor told you that you have Type 2 diabetes, it’s not the end of the world. It is a dreadful disease, but there are ways to manage this metabolic disorder. The first step is to understand it and the treatment options at your disposal. Always remember, you have options. There are, of course, the traditional medications that doctors will prescribe to you. Then there are the complementary alternative medicines (CAM) that people of this generation are starting to embrace. Then finally, there are natural remedies for diabetes Type 2 that you may want to try for all its merits.

There is nothing wrong with listening to your doctor. There are, however, good reasons to try alternative treatments. Natural remedies for Type 2 diabetes especially the safe ones are good to try especially when they do not have any possible adverse side effects. For people who can’t afford expensive maintenance drugs, natural remedies are great alternatives that cannot be ignored. Here are a few remedies that you can derive from natural sources:

• Aloe Vera. This medicinal herb has wonderful uses in treating minor cuts, burns and other skin disorders. Recent studies are showing that its gel or sap has a lowering effect in blood sugar. Phytosterol compounds were isolated and were proven to have good effect sin lowering blood glucose as well as glycosylated hemoglobin levels.

• Cinnamon. Numerous studies have already revealed that cinnamon can improve the glucose level of people with Type 2 diabetes as well as the levels of LDL, triglycerides, cholesterol, and total cholesterol. Cinnamon works by decreasing insulin resistance, a case when the hormone insulin is not working as it should. Overall, a significant number of clinical trials have shown this spice to be an effective natural treatment for the uncontrolled type 2 diabetics. With its reasonable cost, safety profile, and over-the-counter availability, it is a low risk option that is worthy to be considered.

• Royal jelly. This secretion from honeybees nurtures larvae and adult queen bees. A new research conducted in the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine showed that royal jelly can maintain blood sugar levels while controlling oxidative stress at the same time. Apparently, there is an insulin-like property in royal jelly that produces remarkable side effects on blood sugar, which could be beneficial for people suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Incidentally, you can learn more about royal jelly at LifetimeHealth.

• Food or supplements high in zinc. People suffering from Type 2 diabetes generally have low zinc status because of its decreased absorption and high rate of excretion. Zinc supplements constitute an efficient way of supplying the body with a specific daily dosage. But if you want it to come from natural sources, you can get it from foods such as fresh oysters, pecans, lamb, split peas, rye, egg yolk, beef liver, walnuts, almonds, lima beans, chicken, sardines, chicken, buckwheat, and ginger root.

• Ginseng. American ginseng is the kind used in studies related to diabetes management. Most studies using ginseng show that it can lower blood sugar levels in fasting, after-meal sugar, and A1c levels that refers to the average sugar over a period of three months. The actual mechanism and the lack of standardization in its usage, however, are still unknown. These limit its effective use in the attenuation and treatment of Type 2 diabetes.

• Foods or supplements containing chromium. This is an essential trace element that is important in fat and carbohydrate metabolism and that helps the body cells respond well to insulin. Diabetics typically have low levels of chromium. Studies showed that chromium could lead to the formation of the glucose tolerance factor that helps insulin perform better.

• Magnesium-rich foods and supplements. Magnesium is believed to play a role in insulin resistance. It is also relevant to over 300 biochemical reactions leading to nerve function, immune function, bone health, maintenance of normal blood pressure, healthy heart normal muscle function and many more. Magnesium is found in nuts and seeds, green leafy vegetables, and whole grains and in nutritional supplements among others.

Diabetes is indeed a heart-rending disorder that can wreak havoc to your normal life. Do not let it have the upper hand, fight it with natural remedies for Type 2 diabetes.

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