A Unique And Memorable Zoo Visit Despite This Pandemic

Avilon Zoo

My cousin’s family were able to visit a zoo before February of this year. It was unique in such a way that we are still in a pandemic and health protocols are in place, yet they totally enjoyed the experience. It was also something memorable to them as a family since their little daughter has not been out for almost a year now. I mean, we all are, but being able to find a fun place to visit and given the opportunity despite this pandemic is something parents would definitely grab or do, for the kids.

Through word of mouth and research, my cousin Mabel, found out that a zoo near their place has opened its doors for visitors. After just a few clicks, she was able to secure their family visit to Avilon Zoo in Rodriguez, Rizal.

Booking Your Tickets

Mabel took advantage of the special offer she found from their website. She was led to a booking platform, Klook. That is where she was able to book their tickets. Klook, according to her, is easy to use and proven to be secure. Since they are both working from home, and have weekends off, they decided to schedule their visit on a Saturday.

The Zoo Visit

Since we are still in a pandemic, they weren’t expecting that much activities, nor people in the 7.5 hectare facility. She was wrong all along. Besides the fact that there were other visitors with kids too, they were introduced to many wildlife creatures they can actually interact with. There were also several fun activities kids of all ages can enjoy. Esther, her daughter, was giggling loud in her video I saw while she was feeding a giraffe. She enjoyed feeding fresh water fishes too.

The zoo also allowed their visitors to bring bottled water, packed lunches and snacks. But a cafeteria is also available for those who prefer to eat out.

Avilon Zoo
Pin This! A Unique and Memorable Zoo Visit

Mabel’s little girl, Esther, was all smiles all through out their stay.  Having been able to feed friendly animals of many kind, getting that vitamin D boost, breathing in fresh air, learning a lot about wildlife conservation, and being able to spend quality time outdoors were pretty much the obvious reasons why all of them truly had a fun time.

Zoo Fashion

We all expect a spacious zoo, of course, so it is best to wear something appropriate for the zoo and the weather on the day of your visit. We all know that zoos expect a huge number of visitors during summertime, as it is seemingly the perfect time for an outdoor activity. For dads, it is best to wear comfy shoes, cargo shorts and shirts. For moms, a capri pants and a tee would do good too. Another get up would be a loose denim pants and sleeveless top, or a jumpsuit. As for the kids, cotton short-sleeved shirts and shorts with comfy rubber shoes would just be perfect. Complete your outfits with a hat and/or sunnies to protect your face and eyes from the sun. And for skin protection, never forget to put on sunscreen.

Zoo visit
Pin This! A Unique and Memorable Zoo Visit

The quarantine protocols has loosen up a bit already. And, many outdoor activities can now be enjoyed. Of course, we shouldn’t let the pandemic halt outdoor fun our kids deserve and need at the same time. In fact, outdoor activities are much important now – it somehow helps one cope with many challenges in the present time. So, if your family is all ready and would want a fun-filled family outdoor activity, a zoo visit is highly recommended. Enjoy!

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