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    Dutdutan 2011

    Dutdutan 2011 was held at the World Trade Center last August 26 & 27. My cousin”s other half, Michael and his brother & friends went there. Curious what Dutdutan festival is? I am too! It is actually the Philippines Tattoo Expo. They call it a celebration of art and ink. Also the nation”s biggest and grandest tattoo exposition. Michael worked for Tribal Gear Philippines which is the company behind the expo. Dutdutan 2011″s highlights include competitions of innovative and creative tattoo artists. They are also called premiere inkers. The competition has various categories and they also have the most coveted award so far – Tattoo of the Day. Dutdutan event…

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    Setting Aside Real Estate Reservations

    You may be one of those who have reservations in purchasing your own home, especially if it’s the first one. A friend of mine had the same feeling but it”s good he was able to set aside his hesitations and reservations when he saw .remax-midstates.com/KS/Kansas_City”>Kansas City homes for sale and Missouri homes for sale. It was a good decision I must say. Take a look below and see why most people consider buying homes. 1. Pride of Ownership This is the number one reason why people would desire to own a home. You don’t have a landlord reminding you can’t put anything on the wall, keep a pet, or the…

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    Inspired To Craft

    A lot of my friends complimented that I have a sense of creativity even when I was a little younger. I know how to draw though not as excellent as my Dad. My knowledge in crafts and sewing came from my Mom. She was a sewer and at the same time beauti Developing Psychic Powers cian/hair cutter. I’ve been interested in so many stuff about photography, different arts and crafts but had a very limited time to really put my heart into it. And, I also have limited resources, err…fund to start up a small biz out of these interests. I remember that I’ve planned together with my Mom (this…

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    I am planning to go back working…It”s still just a plan but it is more on the 70%-30% already haha! Our finances is somehow asking me to go back and be a working mom again. I”m sure gonna miss my kids especially my todd ler whom I got used to be with every single minute of the day. My elder daughter will surely understand since she grew up knowing I have a job and needed to leave home for work but will be sad too that we”ll have less time together. I actually have given myself sometime. Sometime to recover from the pain after losing Mama, sometime to rely extra…

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    Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

    INKED! I got my first tattoo yesterday. I found that I was spending the last couple of days looking on the internet trying to see how much pain this was going to cause me. After reading some testimonials it actually made me quite nervous. I alw ays thought they were a form of art and was curious about the process, but always backed down on the idea of shelling out money to pay some stranger to stab me and put me through many minutes of torture. However, when I was actually sitting in the chair and getting it done I realized that it wasn”t really that bad. There were parts…

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    Hair Bows Giveaway

    Ito ang unang pagkakataon na gumawa ako ng pakontes sa aking blog at ako”y tunay na nasasabik. Huli man ako sa launch ng Pasko sa Agosto, nagpursige akong pakuhanan ng litrato sa aking pinsan ang premyo. Nais ko kasing maging presentable at maganda ang itsura ng mga premyo ko, syempre! Nakakalungkot lang kasi na hindi ko na magamit ang aking 4 na taong gulang na camera, bumigay ito bago pa man magumpisa ang caravan. (It is my first time to run a contest or giveaway in my blog and I”m very much excited about it. Though late for the Pasko Sa Agosto launch, I insisted and took an effort to…

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    Peter Pan at Repertory Philippines

    Photo credits to http://repertory.ph Do you remember the boy who can fly and refuses to grow up? Do you remember the island of Neverland and the Lost Boys? How about Wendy? Yes! It”s Peter Pan. He”s an adventurous character created by a Scottish novelist, James M. Barrie. Did you know that Peter Pan first appeared in a 1902 novel of J.M. Barrie? It was 1904 when his adventure debuted in a stage play. The good news is, Repetory Philippines will soon feature the timeless tale of Peter Pan on stage! A spectacular musical wil unveil On September 29 to October 30, 2011 at the Meralco Theater in Ortigas Avenue. For…

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    Colors @SG

    That’s my friend’s BF, Mark at mall in Singapore. It’s one of their many photos after a short vacation. Photo credits to owner: Gretel

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    I’m a VMobile Technouser!

    I have been thinking about joining VMobile for a while now but has not decided. It was only until a colleague invited me to become a Technopreneur. I have a little knowledge about the company since I already did a research. I already know as to how much my capital would be and the benefits of joining. It was only financial instability that really hinders me from joining. So, when Erwin of Team Bre explained it further to me, I did not hesitate to sign up as a Technouser since that”s what I can afford for now. So far, I can say that it”s starting to grow. In need of…

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    Weekend Blog Follower Caravan # 20

    Another WBFC! Yay! I owe WBFC a lot. I have already mentioned before that this is quite a lonely blog since I have yet to get followers and subscribers. I can now clearly say that “Stitches Of Life” ain”t lonely anymore! After joining WBFC, my blog generated visitors! I”m but thankful. I am really looking forward in joining again.   The author (SC) at Ayala Avenue, Makati City This week, we are featuring Google 1. Here are the mechanics of this week”s WBFC: 1. Google Plus One our sponsors: OnlineBiz and Resources and Pinay Mommy Online. Make sure you give your plus one at the blogs” homepage. 2. Make a post…