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    Balintawak Market

    I was out one time in our own small market (Talipapa) when I suddenly thought of my Mama> She would always go to the famous Balintawak market, by walking and riding a jeepney on her way back home. I then decided to go there to buy things we need. As people say, it”s always cheaper there in Balintawak Market. You just really have to be patient because aside from the fact that there”s a lot of people there, it”s most of the time muddy. I had to leave Roey at my in law”s house while Keanna is at school. In a matter of an hour, I”m done and glad I…

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    I would like to post this as a review to the e-Census website. E-Census is an online facility that caters to requests for copy issuance of civil registry records (i.e. birth certificates, marriage contracts etc.), online status query and vital statistics tabulation. It also has links to selected features in the NSO website. I have used this facility for a couple of times already and it never failed me. They are prompt in sending me an email when there was a delay in one of the documents I requested. I paid the documents online on my first set of requests and through BDO in the most recent one. After 2…

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    Carbonara at a Birthday!

    It was recently my nephew Vin”s 4th birthday. We had fun at his celebration at home. And enjoyed our take outs as well. LoL! Carbonara is our favorite and I”ll share my own recipe of it here soon! Happy birthday Ethienne!