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    WBFC #13: Stitches Of Life Fan Page

    WBFC has creatively thought of helping out bloggers not just to gain followers via GFC and Twitter…this time it”s about gaining fans for our blogs” FB page! Weee! So I am sharing my very own page at Facebook, f=”http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stitches-Of-Life/111183848968897″> Stitches Of Life . Hope you can LIKE my FB Page using your own FB profile because using your Fan Page account will not count. Make my kiddos keep their smiles! And, before this month ends…these kids would like to greet all great moms even late. For those who are not aware yet what WBFC is… “Weekend Blog Follower Caravan is a simple online blogger-helping-blogger weekly meme. It was designed for…

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    19 Months Cutie

    Haley Roneese turned 19 months today. She can already say Thank You which is “Q” in her version. She taps and pulls me off my PC chair whenever she wants Mommy to draw something or needs me to prepare her milk. She cal ls her big sister “Atchi” whom she hugs and wrestle most of the time. She waves and says BYE and HELLO to everyone at home and so as to our neighbors. She also enjoys helping around the house by keeping her toys away after using it, and so as the pillow, by the way. She calls her dirty hands “ouch” and dries them up on her own…

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    A World of Opportunities:LinkFromBlog

    I came to realize that a lot of us wants to earn online. A lot has been to many sites that offer “>paid reviews. For a stay at home mom like me, I would really like to help out with our finances as well. That in mind made me join LinkFromBlog. Alright, I have to also tell you that I don”t just join the bandwagon because of scams. I ask people I know and every earning opportunity online has to be legit. So, what is LinkFromBlog? It”s a marketplace of opportunities to bid and write reviews which help bloggers to earn money from their blogs or own sites. It is…

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    A Fun Way to Craft

    I”ve been browsing the net for an affordable printer when I came across an interesting video. Thus, sharing it here came to my mind. I know a lot of moms (like me) out there are into scrap booking, and crafting. Some even have their biz out of their hobbies. There are numerous businesses that offer personalized invitations, calendars, thank you cards, paper bags and so on. Even cake bakers will love this. It will definitely inspire you to do more. I”ve watched this video, the introduction of Cricut, the Cricut Expression 2 and so as the interesting Cricut Cake. And my little lady Keanna is but as interested as me.…

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    Shadow Shot Sunday: My Precious

      Again, trying my hands in digital scrapbooking using an old photo of my daughter Keanna. This was taken more than 2 years ago at a park about 20 mins away from us. I’m sharing it to Harriet’s Shadow Shot Sunday. For more awesome entries, just go ahead and click on the badge below. Have fun!

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    COPS: Pretty Purple Birthday

    Today is one of my closest cousin’s birthday. To make my simple present a little special, I made this for her. I know everyone would agree with me that she looks prettier in Purple, right? I don’t have any siblings and I grew up close to my relatives. She’s like a real big sister to me. I can still remember that she would invite me for sleepovers when I was a teener and so as make healthy oats for breakfast as soon as we get up. It’s really nice to reminisce precious moments. Again, Ate Jen… HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Stay healthy, young and happy!

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    Thursday Brownies: Morena K

    I have very few blog posts lately. No, not because I’m getting tired of it but because I’m trying to learn more about digital scrapbooking and Photoshop too. I have made 3 short AVPs for a friend’s mom and some like this: My daughter haven’t seen this ‘coz this was just made few minutes ago while she’s asleep. LoL! I created this one intentionally for a new meme by my friend G. As you can see, Keanna’s complexion is so Filipina. It is what we call “Kayumanggi”, but she would rather refer to it as “Morena”. In this set, she’s still a little younger. She wore a brown crochet hat…

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    Shadow Shot Sunday: Luces

    My daughter, when this was taken was about 4 years old… she”s now turning 9 by July. In this featured photo, she”s delighted to have a luces, it”s a small type of firework you held by your hand.  And this by the way was taken New Year”s eve, as we welcome 2007. The reason why I”ve chosen this to upload is because you can no longer have my daughter hold a lighted luces like this one. I”m not sure why though but definite that she”s never had a bad experience about it. She cried the last time I lighted one and gave to her. On the contrary, it is actually…

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    Sweet Snack

    I’ve always wanted to have a wide and pretty kitchen because I love to experiment in cooking or try baking. Sadly, I don’t have one…yet! Well, even so, it won’t stop me in looking out for recipes be it online or from books and magazines. Together with Keanna, I also enjoy watching cooking shows locally or internationally. One time that I suddenly missed my Mom, I decided to try cooking her best tasting Turon (Banana Fritters). I only have few bananas so I ended up with less than a dozen. I deep fried the pieces and gave some to my parents in law. Glad that they liked it. I regret…