COPS: Pretty Purple Birthday

Today is one of my closest cousin’s birthday. To make my simple present a little special, I made this for her. I know everyone would agree with me that she looks prettier in Purple, right? I don’t have any siblings and I grew up close to my relatives. She’s like a real big sister to me. I can still remember that she would invite me for sleepovers when I was a teener and so as make healthy oats for breakfast as soon as we get up. It’s really nice to reminisce precious moments. Again, Ate Jen… HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Stay healthy, young and happy!

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7 thoughts on “COPS: Pretty Purple Birthday

    1. Yeah! I remember to have dreamed of having a brother too. It would have been fun if I have siblings. =)

  1. she does look good in purple + i simply love your layout…am planning to learn how to do digiscrapping so i can post more interesting photos in my blog, they are simply fascinating, right? 🙂

    1. It is addicting actually, I am planning to make my own tutorial as soon as I’ve learned enough. I would like to have my own templates to share too. I’ll inform you or blog about it once I’ve succeeded. LoL! Have a good day!

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