Be Prepared When Accidents Happen

When Accidents Happen

Whether at work, home or out and about, accidents happen and people may be injured — every day. Accidents are mostly something beyond our control.  A few can be prevented, and controlled. They vary in length and seriousness, but no matter how negligible it is, as a mother, I dread the thought of anyone in our family being injured.

Questions When Accidents Happen

As I spend most of my time at home, I’m not as at-risk as other people. Even so, I still worry about what would happen if I was to pick up an injury, there are a few things I think about:

What if I was to have an accident while on my way to work?

What if my kids had an accident at home or school?

How can I resolve my finances in the event of an accident if I have to quit working?

Am I entitled to compensation?

I feel like freaking out whenever I ask myself those questions. A friend of mine in the US had an accident while on her way to work, tripping over a stone on a narrow path near her office. As a result, she got seriously injured and had to leave her job, meaning that she had to take sick leave for a week. This was good for her as, even though she wasn’t at work, she still got paid, and was covered as far as medical expenses were concerned.


While this happens if you’re forced to take a short time off work, what would happen if you were laid low with an injury for much longer? Would you have to leave your job permanently in order to make a full recovery, and what would happen if your kids were involved in an accident? Although rare, these incidents do happen. This is when getting in touch with experts like those at can help. They can help you get compensation for your injury, ensuring that you’re covered financially.


Hopefully, this is something that won’t happen to anyone in my family. As a mother, I pray all the time that my kids are safe  from any kind of accidents. Not worrying too much also helps, especially if you know what to do, when you or they do become injured. We just have to be prepared, and armor ourselves with HIS love and protection through prayers.

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