Tiny Pineapple

Have you seen a Pineapple this small?

I am not even sure what this plant or fruit is called but it does look very similar to a Pineapple.

The only difference is its size. This is totally a baby!


We visited a relative one time and as I look at her plants, I noticed this small Pineapple.

At first I thought it isn’t part of the plant and was just a decor but as I touched it, it made me realized its real.


I was amazed as I looked at it closely. It is indeed a Pineapple, I wanted to pick it! LOL!

Aunt Estel said this is a rare plant and it does produce this very small Pineapple fruit once in a while. Though she’s never tried picking and tasting the fruit, she knows for a fact that it is a Pineapple fruit.


Just as to share, I’ve found out that Pineapple canning companies doesn’t throw the core, ends and skin of the Pineapples they use because they use them too for making vinegar and animal feed.

Another fact is that just like this plant in the photo, each Pineapple plant only produces one fruit per year.

I remember to have craved for Pineapple juice when I was pregnant with my elder daughter and never had issues or problem with the labor… the fruit helped! I have read from somewhere that Pineapple fruit was traditionally use to induce labor. I know there are more strange facts about this wonder fruit, they’re just waiting to be discovered… or read.

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