The Weekend Getaway


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Yet another photo taken by my niece Jennilyn. This time, her model is her big sister Joan, an RN. I have already posted one of her shots HERE and I’d like to share a few more. This has her permission of course.
I played with the colors again using Photoshop CS3. Looking at it right now and comparing it to the original, I really need to learn a LOT. Ha Ha! I can’t wait to have my fingers clicking in my own dslr camera! I need to get opportunities so my dream would materialized. Right?
I love what Joan’s wearing, very colorful. And since it has been mentioned, this will serve as my entry to this week’s Colorful Weekend. Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

3 thoughts on “The Weekend Getaway

  1. tama!..parang I am dreaming of DSLR na rin mommy SC..hehehe..Visiting from Colorful Weekend.. Here is my
    Colorful weekend entry…
    Hope you can join my Orange Tuesdays meme this Tuesday sis..Have a nice day!

  2. Joan is one helluva hot lady!! I wish I could rock a dress like that. So pretty. Thanks Steph, for joining Colorful Weekend! Consider joining again?

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