My New Tabletop Electric Oven

My New Tabletop Electric Oven
Tabletop Oven

I got this as a gift. Let me just say that this is not a I have been eyeing a beautiful oven from the appliance center for a long time but saving to get it will take a lot longer. Since I am not really planning on using it for business purposes, I told the husband that I would go for the electric tabletop oven for now.

I have been Pinterest inspired! As soon as I have read the manual, I started baking! I have had my share of baking failures but have a lot of successful ones too.

Pineapple Carrot Cake

Most of my baked goodies were Chocolate and Banana flavored and Carrot too. I make them during weekends so it will be ready as school snack for my elder daughter, K. I would always let her bring more than she could eat so she can share some to her friends too. Or sometimes, I remind her to eat (if there are leftovers) as afternoon snack while she is travelling home bound.

Last Christmas, I got the chance to frequently use my tabletop oven – served its purpose very well for some goodies which we made and gave as gifts. I am sure that this oven will last for quite long, besides it being durable (a testimonial of my baker friend, Iris of Project Happiness ), I have been extra careful using it. =)

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