A Fun DIY: Personalized Christmas Tree Ornaments Made of ADC

DIY: Personalized Christmas Tree Ornaments Made of ADC

Last December, I decided to create Christmas tree ornaments made out of air dry clay. It was already late November when I decided to check out the little Christmas tree I have had in my shopping cart. This thrifty mom I did not order or added decorative balls and ornaments anymore, simply because I can actually craft them myself. The girls can create whatever design they like too.

DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments
Pin This! DIY: Personalized Christmas Tree Ornaments Made of ADC

As soon I was able to purchase the tree, I gathered all my remaining air dry clays. I also immediately checked all the molds we can use and cleaned them. Air dry clay does not need baking like polymer clay do, but you have to ensure that it has perfectly cured before coloring and sealing it with varnish. I also found out that we still have plenty of keyrings and cellphone lariats that we can use to hang the Christmas tree ornaments.

Looking For Designs

So, just before the new tree arrived, we have already started with our crafting activity. The girls planned and looked for decors, and designs they can make. I found a few molders that are perfect for the Christmas theme, but still searched for some patterns and illustrations that could inspire us.

While browsing the internet, Roey found a unicorn and mermaid file that she planned to create. My inspiration came from my thoughts on what my not so little girl want as a gift for Christmas. I saw images of socks with anime design, volleyball, hoodies and then a bow file. That reminded me to create gift boxes with bows on top. At that time, my gift to both girls are yet to arrive from the mail.

DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments
Pin This! DIY: Personalized Christmas Tree Ornaments Made of ADC
Creating The Air Dry Clay Ornaments

Just before I started creating the ornaments, I realized that the original workstation I use is now being used as our printer table. I may have to purchase a small but sturdy desk that I could use exclusively for my clay craft. For this DIY, we used the girls’ study table temporarily.

As I have mentioned, Roey did attempt creating mermaids and unicorns. It was funny because later on, she ended up creating ponies. Looking at what we have finished, I was not content. I feel like we needed to create a little more.

We started creating trinkets, keychains, chibi dolls, ref magnets, name tags, and earrings after the girls’ attended the Hulma MNL Air Dry Clay Workshop. My girls and I learned how to work with ADC from that workshop and from numerous tutorial videos we have watched together. We also joined the Hulma MNL group and learned a lot more from other crafters and clay artists. We use 2 different brands for air dry clay, Hulma and FADC. I purchase air dry clay from co-clay artists, Czarina who owns Hulma MNL South Caloocan, and Lovely, who owns Art4Less. Both of them are really skillful clay artists, very accommodating and friendly.

Clay Art Hiatus No More

For a few months from 2019-2020, we continuously created different items Kea was able to sell at their school’s art market. My girl really had fun starting up and learning how to handle a little business. Something of her own, I co-manage and co-own. The pandemic however, triggered an art block to both of us and we temporarily stopped claying. I was on hiatus.

There were orders I have finished but were left unclaimed and some I wasn’t able to finish anymore. I also have started a few ref magnets to gift to some of my friends. It was only when I needed to decorate our Christmas tree with these ornaments that I got to hold clay again. For the same reason, I am thinking of slowly getting back at it. I am hopeful to get pass through this phase as a clay artist and get back on track. There is a lot more to practice and discover, and create!

How about you, what were your Christmas tree decors and ornaments? There were a lot on sale when I browsed from an online shopping app. Shopping for Christmas decors is fun too, right? Shopping actually, can be a stress reliever too – if only we aren’t in a pandemic. For now, we got to stay home and safe indoors, and just buy or order online for most of our needs. As for me, that includes air dry clay materials and a new desk where I can freely knead and use to dry my creations.

For those of you who wants to also learn, you can inquire from Hulma MNL if there might be any ADC workshop coming up. Or if you would rather learn from home and for free, watch, like, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.



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