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    Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

    INKED! I got my first tattoo yesterday. I found that I was spending the last couple of days looking on the internet trying to see how much pain this was going to cause me. After reading some testimonials it actually made me quite nervous. I alw ays thought they were a form of art and was curious about the process, but always backed down on the idea of shelling out money to pay some stranger to stab me and put me through many minutes of torture. However, when I was actually sitting in the chair and getting it done I realized that it wasn”t really that bad. There were parts…

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    Woman of Thirty

    Time and Tide wait for no man, but time always stands still for a woman of thirty. -Robert Frost   Sharing a photo of my dearest friend”s birthday cake. Her celebration in Singapore was fun-filled and though I wasn”t there to celebrate with her, my best wishes weren”t. Photo used with consent. Linking to