Bloated Battery: Cherry Mobile Flare S100

My Cherry Mobile Flare (mobile phone) was only bought just last year but I have to let it rest for now.

First, I had issues with its battery charger after t’was used for another phone by a nephew. So, I decided to stop using it to avoid damaging my phone itself and ended up using another phone’s battery charger, a Samsung cellphone charger. What a bad move it was! I was so worried damaging my phone that I failed to take care of its battery. I feel bad, and I honestly feel stupid too. I was so into the benefit of having a phone camera to use and eager about joining IG photo a day challenges that I did not even notice that my Flare’s battery wouldn’t last  for at least 4 hours anymore. I have been reprimanding my elder daughter because of her habit of using my phone while being recharged that I too have been damaging its battery in another way – using the wrong charger!

Yes, I am fully responsible for its damage. It came to a point where the phone (while in the middle of a text message or status update) will just shut off even if it shows that it was fully charged. And a point  that I need to recharge the phone every hour. That actually scared me. I should have purchased a new charger. Now, I HAVE to purchase a charger and a battery replacement. My Cherry Mobile Flare S100 is at rest because its battery is bloated! I removed the battery immediately when I found out, I didn’t want to have to get a new phone yet, that is!

Bloated battery is not new to me, to my phone, it is. My Nikon S2500 digital camera’s battery is bloated too. I left it on charge overnight. Well, not really me. It did not really need recharging but my curious little girl Roey connected its charger thinking it needed it just because she cannot turn it on. Talk about determination and curiosity!


Here are some reasons that damages a battery:

1. Overcharging the device.

2. Using the device while being recharged.

3. Using the wrong charger. It is really important to READ.


These will definitely damage a mobile device’s battery. Worst, blow it!

So, as soon as I get a new battery and charger, I know what to do – lesson learned eh?!

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