DIY: Glitter Shoes

A stay-at-home-mom has to be creative in different aspects and levels, that is. I guess it is one requirement to keep a Mom’s sanity, haha! Kidding aside, I have not mastered any of my interests, I just try to learn things a little each day. Since I was a kid, crafting never failed to get my attention. And it just continued now that I am already a mom.

Last February, I made something glittery for my elder daughter’s ramp modeling project at school. The school has always reminded not to spend so much for their costumes and encouraged the students and so as the parents to make use of something old, to re-purpose and bring out the creativeness. Since we are cost cutting for the theme “futuristic”, I decided on a DIY shoes. We used K’s old Maroon flats (quite small already but still fits) and turned it to a glittery pair instead. She liked it a lot!

What you need:

A pair of shoes
Glue (I used rugby, Toluene free)
old newspaper
small paint brush or old toothbrush

(For the foil flower)
Foil (cut in circles)
2 Pellon fabric (cut in 2″ round)
Glue stick
Glue gun


The process is just simple. Wipe clean the pair of slippers and spread (using the brush) enough amount of glue to the shoes. Let stand for about 2 to 3 minutes and spread the glitters generously. Remember to lineup old newspaper on your work area so as to catch the glitter remains. You are not to throw them away, of course. Once the whole area has been covered, let it dry. You can brush it again with glue to lock in the glitters. I did not. I mean, I didn’t bother because I forgot to… hahaha!

For the foil flowers, I followed the steps I found from a Pinterest post. There are different variations you can pick from.

I will definitely do this again, if not with shoes, I will sure find other stuff to glitter!

Inspired To Craft

A lot of my friends complimented that I have a sense of creativity even when I was a little younger. I know how to draw though not as excellent as my Dad. My knowledge in crafts and sewing came from my Mom. She was a sewer and at the same time beauti

cian/hair cutter. I’ve been interested in so many stuff about photography, different arts and crafts but had a very limited time to really put my heart into it. And, I also have limited resources, err…fund to start up a small biz out of these interests. I remember that I’ve planned together with my Mom (this was way back when I was just starting college) that we’ll set up her own beauty parlor or start a small garments biz. They never came true obviously. Her “own” beauty parlor was a small house in Howmart Road which also became the home of her very small (with one sewing machine) garments factory. Both businesses didn’t bloom but became our bread and butter. Aside from accepting repairs, I also helped Mama design baby & teen dresses. There was also about 2 years in a row when we made heart shaped pillows in small & large sizes and I design them according to the buyer’s order using Tulip fabric (tube) paint. It also made way for me to accept requests to design (draw or write anything) tees, still using the same brand of fabric paint. I find it really fulfilling in a way because I get to enojy what I am doing and at the same time, earns from it.

Now that I decided to stay at home and work part time online, I need to feel back the so called creativity I had before. I was in grade 4 and in Buhi, Camarines Sur when my Mom gifted me with ribbons and hair bows she made on her own. My grandmother liked them and asked for Mama to make more and grandma will include the hair bows in her store. We’ve sold a lot I tell you. I just can’t remember why Mama stopped making cute ribbons and clips. It could be the lack of time since she was working then. Anyways, this is where I get inspiration. She (my mama) is one of my inspirations in making hair bows and hair clips. There are several clips here at home now, in different colors, styles and sizes. The photo below is just the first ones I have made. I’ll soon post another set I’ve made yesterday.

I get to have plenty of time to make these clips when hubby is off from work. Why? Nobody can get him off the PC, haha! He’s still so addicted with online games, actually.

I will continue on this craft even if I decide to go back working. It will be some form of a getaway or an outlet from the routine an 8-5 job gives us.