Headbands I Made

I remember when I was in 4th grade until early in High School, my Mama made a lot of bows, pillows, skirts, headbands at cute clips for me to wear and sell. She”s my inspiration. When she passed away, I felt that “love” or passion for these things v

anished. I lost the will to start making even just one, but I honestly still have the interest. Since I have been a SAHM for almost 4 mos now, I have seen how difficult it is to manage almost everything. Household chores, kids and finances too! That remaining interest in crafts and having 2 girls made me try and go back in what my Mom really loved. I am proud to have made these:

The Purple flower was an extra cloth from the skirt I made for Keanna. The Pink rose was a half yard ribbon I found in my sewing box and the floral (3rd photo) were trimmings from an old blouse. Keanna was so eager to learn the how to”s as well and was even planning of selling them to her classmates. The genes is becoming obvious! LoL! We had fun making these and having her model too.

These added inspirations came from a friend. My daughters love “em to bits! THANK you, Ched. These lovely bows were bought from another friend, Iris of Posh Baby. Now, I found myself planning and wanting to head over to a craft store in Divisoria. It”s about time. I guess my dreams about my Mama was an eye opener. It was her wake up call. I have been so lazy for the past few weeks and have not accomplished any. I have to prove myself. And I have to start right NOW.

I am by the way, linking up this post to these wonderful memes:

A Fun Way to Craft

I”ve been browsing the net for an affordable printer when I came across an interesting video. Thus, sharing it here came to my mind. I know a lot of moms (like me) out there are into scrap booking, and crafting. Some even have their biz out of their

hobbies. There are numerous businesses that offer personalized invitations, calendars, thank you cards, paper bags and so on. Even cake bakers will love this. It will definitely inspire you to do more.

I”ve watched this video, the introduction of Cricut, the Cricut Expression 2 and so as the interesting Cricut Cake.

And my little lady Keanna is but as interested as me.

Now that we”ve watched the videos together, she wants me to get one for her. WoW!