Build Your Business; An Exclusive with Chinkee Tan

If you’re a college graduate (any course) and a purpose driven individual who wants a business that:

 gives you an additional source of income

 allows you to continuously learn, grow and help people
 doesn’t restrict you to do the things that you want
 lets you enjoy the FLEXIBILITY OF TIME that you so deserve

Then, join our business forum on JULY 20, 2017 at the Dusit Thani Hotel. Discover how you can maximize your potentials and how great it is to be part of a winning team.

Light dinner is on us. Message me to reserve a slot.

Jackie’s Food Hub

I’m all support for a dear friend’s business venture. I have seen how she has diligently planned for this to come true.

People from the North, let me inform you that Jackie’s Food Hub has opened its first 2 food carts at Howmart Road, Brgy. Apolonio Samson. My friend Yang and her partner had their dreams slowly turn to reality.

Jackie’s Food Hub offers Sisig, Lechon Kawali and Nachos for only Php50. Japanese siomai and pork siomai is also available at a very affordable price. Yang also offers her very own, home-made condiments such as shrimp paste, Chili paste, Garlic oil, Ginger oil, Pickled chili, and Pinakurat (Spiced Vinegar). All these products and her biz itself is of course, DTI registered.

Pork Sisig and Nachos was a hit at yesterday’s launch. Soon, few more food cart “branches” will open in the nearby areas.


I am but a proud friend. Who would not keep going if your mere presence is much appreciated by her very own granddaughter, Mica? Mica has always been Yang’s inspiration and so as her blessing. I am sure Yang will succeed in this business venture.

I’m a VMobile Technouser!

I have been thinking about joining VMobile for a while now but has not decided. It was only until a colleague invited me to become a Technopreneur. I have a little knowledge about the company since I already did a research. I already know as to how much my capital would be and the benefits of joining. It was only financial instability that really hinders me from joining. So, when Erwin of Team Bre explained it further to me, I did not hesitate to sign up as a Technouser since that”s what I can afford for now.

So far, I can say that it”s starting to grow. In need of even more inspiration, sometimes I think about looking into and work towards a Computer Science degree online to be able to understand it all. Who knows, I may be able to develop a beta loading program like of what VMobile is using. Teehee! On the other hand, I have made my friends and relatives aware of the new biz I decided to venture and they”re all supportive of it. I immediately thought of accepting payments through Paypal, UnionBank and BDO for a much easier & faster transaction especially to those who are far from where I am. In this biz, distance is never a challenge. The online (Beta) loading system is so reliable, totally amazing! That”s what I use most of the time because I”m still exploring the loading capability using my very own cellphone. Having this little biz is another way for me to earn extra. Being a stay-at-home-mom is really challenging. I have dared myself to become an ESAHM (Earning Stay-At-Home-Mom). So, for those who would like to try this little but credible and with endless possibilities kind of business, you can leave me a comment/message here.

I have started to dream big and wanting to make it happen and see myself and the family LIVE it!

Photo credits to Team Bre Facebook account

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