Balintawak Market

I was out one time in our own small market (Talipapa) when I suddenly thought of my Mama> She would always go to the famous Balintawak market, by walking and riding a jeepney on her way back home. I then decided to go there to buy things we need.

As people say, it”s always cheaper there in Balintawak Market. You just really have to be patient because aside from the fact that there”s a lot of people there, it”s most of the time muddy. I had to leave Roey at my in law”s house while Keanna is at school. In a matter of an hour, I”m done and glad I brought my camera with me. These are what I”ve captured.

all sorts of spices
A wide selection of Filipino foods (kakanin).

Spring Roll wrappers, jellies for Halo Halo and Tofu for sale.

I had fun being out there in that market where people and things brings me back good memories. I will definitely go back some time. I am joining…