Let My Jinga Juice Bring Out Your Youthful Glow!

Do you ever have skin problems? Eczema, acne and Psoriasis, to name a few. Do your kids or someone you know suffer from itchiness and discomfort these irritations bring?

Most of us do or did have to go through irritations like these and we have to resort using expensive topical creams or maybe dermatological remedies. A lot did not know that Guyabano (Soursop) and Wheatgrass can help – clean, safe and healthy!

My JINGA JUICE is made from Guyabano (the whole fruit and its seeds) and Wheatgrass…the first of its kind in the market. There were reports that Guyabano seeds and leaves were used as skin astringent, used to treat headlice and even to purge bed bugs too! While Wheatgrass effectively reduces wound, acne and acute rashes’ pain, swelling and inflammation. It is also being used to treat burns and insect bites.

So, stay healthy and prevent illnesses! With balanced diet, take Jinga Juice regularly, be energized and bring out that youthful glow in you!


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March is Pet Love: Rabies Awareness Month



March, besides known to be the fire prevention month is also the Rabies Awareness Month. Did you know that the Department of Health have already established 360 Animal Bite Treatment Centers all over the country? This is because of the number of death due to rabies continue to arise.

As we already know, rabies is a preventable viral infection. It does affect the central nervous system and can be fatal. Then again, it is preventable. If you have dogs or other pets like cats or any other warm-blooded animals, have them vaccinated for an anti-rabies oce they are at least 3 months old. The vaccine is also recommended to be done yearly after the initial shot for their protection.

I remember my Mom to have been bitten numerous times when she was a teener and when she already have me. She would always mention before that she is not sure why dogs love to bit her. Funny as it may seem but she is one of the many people who gets terrified with the sight of an unfamiliar dog, especially when it barks loud. She once told me that there was one time she had to follow an old belief to put or rub garlic in the bitten part but realized when she arrived at the hospital, she was reprimanded by the doctor who attended her. She got bit again after and has learned what she should do with the bite. The wound should be washed by just soap and water as soon as possible and head to the nearest hospital’s emergency room. What to do with the pet? Leash them and they had to be observed for up to 2 weeks. If it is not possible to observe the animal, your physician will at once advise for a post-exposure vaccine, as they call it.

Again, with all these info we have on hand and can access, prevention is still necessary. So, let your pets get their vaccines. The cute dogs in the photo were my cousin’s newly adopted pets named Paris and Tarugo. Aren’t they cute?

Quit Smoking with E-Cigarette


If you have a companion or a housemate that smokes and you also have kids – there is no doubt that different types of lung infections may arise. That’s my dilemma as of now. A worried Mom of 2 kids here. One with Primary Complex and the other with viral Pneumonia. Even if they have their daily dose of vitamins, severe exposure to second hand smoke can still harm them. It is really dangerous to keep smoking and at the same time share that second hand smoke to your family.

I found information about e-cigarettes and I became very curious about as I remember to have seen one from my Brother-in-law. It was his gift to his older brother. I am not just sure how it tasted differently; his brother did not want to use it. That e-cigarette he gave is somehow similar to the one I have seen online – E cigarettes in the UK from ecigarettedirect is what I am referring to. There were several benefits of using an e-cigarette enumerated in different flyers and websites compared of the ordinary one . Some of them are very much obvious already. Self-discipline is Ungeschriebenes Gesetz beim roulette online ist, dass bei Gewinn auf einer Zahl, also wenn Sie 35 Stucke hinzugewonnen haben, “ein Stuck fur die Angestellten” gegeben wird. important and so as awareness. It is just sad that sometimes, people are already aware but still are selfishly pretending they do not care at all.

Smoking is not just dangerous to our health but also indirectly teach the kids to also smoke when they grow up – more of an inherited characteristic. It has been said that “Your kids become who you are!” and in the future, I do not want to see my daughters smoking. It is best to always set a good example to our kids and smoking is no good, health wise and personality wise. Their present health condition will definitely worsen if they decide to smoke someday. That, I can no longer take. The kids’ welfare is always FIRST.

It has been mentioned that those who are planning to quit smoking and are having a hard time to can use e-cigarette temporarily. It does not have smoke, and it will surely help someone completely quit smoking. I would like to promote the e-cigarette at home so we will all benefit from it.