Jackie’s Food Hub

I’m all support for a dear friend’s business venture. I have seen how she has diligently planned for this to come true.

People from the North, let me inform you that Jackie’s Food Hub has opened its first 2 food carts at Howmart Road, Brgy. Apolonio Samson. My friend Yang and her partner had their dreams slowly turn to reality.

Jackie’s Food Hub offers Sisig, Lechon Kawali and Nachos for only Php50. Japanese siomai and pork siomai is also available at a very affordable price. Yang also offers her very own, home-made condiments such as shrimp paste, Chili paste, Garlic oil, Ginger oil, Pickled chili, and Pinakurat (Spiced Vinegar). All these products and her biz itself is of course, DTI registered.

Pork Sisig and Nachos was a hit at yesterday’s launch. Soon, few more food cart “branches” will open in the nearby areas.


I am but a proud friend. Who would not keep going if your mere presence is much appreciated by her very own granddaughter, Mica? Mica has always been Yang’s inspiration and so as her blessing. I am sure Yang will succeed in this business venture.

Be Moved By Miracle in Cell No.7 Movie

Photo credits: kpopable site

My friend Pia recommended this movie to me when she tagged me in her Facebook status sometime last week. In her stat, she has declared how she has been touched by the movie that she had to suffer from a headache after crying (because of the movie).

From then, I searched for info and photos of Miracle in Cell No.7 and honestly got a lot more curious. Since last week was the Holy Week, I grabbed the opportunity to work for additional hours. We stayed at home and only until Sunday did we went out and attended the “Salubong” and Easter Sunday mass. I forgot about the movie already. My kids and I (while working) watched previous seasons of Amazing Race and also the pilot episode of The Bible. And then, I saw another good review of the movie Miracle in Cell No.7 which reminded me to look for a good link, so we can watch it online. I did found one and we watched the movie last night, at last!

Miracle in Cell No.7, if you will search through Wiki and IMDb is South Korean film which is a mix of comedy and melodrama. It is a story of a witty and adorable 6 year old girl and her mentally challenged father. The loving father who was wrongfully accused of abduction, sexual abuse and murder. It is a beautiful story of a father who will do everything to give his daughter the best he can (even given with challenges). A (real life) story of how people, in their words and in their acts can change and give another person’s life a twist. Bad and good, I should say. It is a sad story of how power and education (can I please include politics) can do great to someone’s life but can also ruin it – totally screw it!

The movie, Miracle in Cell No.7 is yet another movie a lot of us can not forget. We may have seen things in it in different perspectives but each of these views have touched our hearts and taught our minds. In the end, family is not just about blood. True friends are family too. The movie also reminded me that sometimes the little things have the biggest impacts in our lives.

This movie, by the way, is the 3rd most viewed Korean film. We highly recommend for you to also watch Miracle in Cell No.7 and better ready your tissues or handkerchief with you. No one is ever hard not to be moved by the movie.


My Pinterest account has been in existence for quite some time now. It has caught my attention with the graphics/photos in it. I still can recall that everything has started as a hobby and now, Pinterest for me has become Pinterest-ing! It is not just PInterest though, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too! In short, these social media websites are part of the reasons why we have a lot to be thankful for. 

I remember to have created boards for photography, fashion (kids and ladies), sewing & DIY ideas, kitchen & baking supplies and tools, inspiring quotes and what I named: Dream House Project. 


If you already have a Pinterest account, you can follow me – SEPTEMBERCHARM so we can get to exchange ideas thru pins. If you would like to be inspired in building your own dream house, follow KCK and you will sure be amaze on a number of ideas you can get, from cabinets, bathrooms, kitchens to dinnerware.

My dream house project has almost everything in it, I suppose. I have photos of bedrooms, kitchens, backyards, libraries, laundry rooms and a lot more. I have recently shared a photo in Facebook (I got from PInterest) which caught my attention, a backyard with flower and vegetable garden. I have even mentioned that having something like that is one of my many dreams. I definitely would like to have even a small one if we would be blessed to own a home we can call our own. And I will make it a point to learn how to nurture everything Green that will grow in that dream backyard garden in which later on can be used in cooking! I love to cook too!

Speaking of which, in case you already have a garden (indoor or outdoor), visit Access Hydro for your garden tools and supplies needs.

Get 10% off hydroponic grow tent when you shop atwww.AccessHydro.com. Valid until April 2014.

Lalaloopsy Craze

Lalaloopsy has swept away girls’ and even Moms’ feet! OA? Just kidding! But honestly, this cute, trendy and colorful doll caught the eye of many. Moms and kids alike! Besides its pleasing appearance, you can really play with it, or if you have the soft doll type, just bring it along to complete your fashion statement! (referring to kids’ fashion statement Moms! )



Books were my gift to K last Christmas and she’s finished reading them all. My gift to Roey came a little late for December but it did not matter to her at all. When she saw this Lalaloopsy Soft Doll I purchased online from Shopping Galore , she fell in love with it! Her doll is Spot Splatter Splash which according to lalaloopsyland.wikia.com is one of the original Lalaloopsy dolls released last 2010.  She is indeed adorable with her Yellow-Orange hair and Pink-Peach cheeks. Little Miss Roey immediately asked me to open the gift and hugged her new doll. She did not forget to say “Thank you, Mommy!”, and as always, she kissed me with her “I love you too!” (even if I did not say I love you to her).

Today’s kids are really lucky. I remember to have had just one Barbie doll when I was already 12 years old. Ha ha! Though I received several dolls as I was growing up, during our time, Barbie is the most sought-after or wished-for kind of doll.

Shopping Galore is an online shop owned by Sarah, Liv and Christine. this is where you can place pre-order of items from the U.S. and have them shipped right your doorsteps as soon as the items arrive from the U.S. Check out their site and browse through the many products they offer. And, by the way, they offer some promos too!

Every Woman Wants a Luminous Skin

We all have our own levels of vanity, a fact we can not deny. I am honestly not an exception to that. As we age and face everyday’s challenges, wrinkles, dark spots and other skin flaws shows up. As we stand in front of the mirror – we get to hate seeing the flaws. That is when some of us can hear themselves wanting a flawless glowing skin. Asking ourselves which product can really give us what we have been wanting.

Having a luminous skin is something we have thought to be unattainable but the good news is – Luminaze has been introduced!  Now, with this beauty product, you can achieve that glow you have ever wanted. Luminaze has all natural ingredients. We need not worry about dark spots and all the flaws we see in our face anymore. It has been guaranteed and clinically proven that Luminaze actually works better and faster compared to other products or prescribed ingredients there is. Since it is naturally made, this product is safe and gentle to use everyday, even twice a day to be exact. Another fact is that you can still apply your daily moisturizers or SPF creams even after using Luminaze.

We may have tried a lot of beauty products before with all the promises they have, some failed and some did not really last.  But,  if you are eagerly wanting to get that glowing skin, here is the right product for you. An all natural product that will not cause any harsh side effects. Luminaze is definitely a breakthrough.

Quit Smoking with E-Cigarette


If you have a companion or a housemate that smokes and you also have kids – there is no doubt that different types of lung infections may arise. That’s my dilemma as of now. A worried Mom of 2 kids here. One with Primary Complex and the other with viral Pneumonia. Even if they have their daily dose of vitamins, severe exposure to second hand smoke can still harm them. It is really dangerous to keep smoking and at the same time share that second hand smoke to your family.

I found information about e-cigarettes and I became very curious about as I remember to have seen one from my Brother-in-law. It was his gift to his older brother. I am not just sure how it tasted differently; his brother did not want to use it. That e-cigarette he gave is somehow similar to the one I have seen online – E cigarettes in the UK from ecigarettedirect is what I am referring to. There were several benefits of using an e-cigarette enumerated in different flyers and websites compared of the ordinary one . Some of them are very much obvious already. Self-discipline is Ungeschriebenes Gesetz beim roulette online ist, dass bei Gewinn auf einer Zahl, also wenn Sie 35 Stucke hinzugewonnen haben, “ein Stuck fur die Angestellten” gegeben wird. important and so as awareness. It is just sad that sometimes, people are already aware but still are selfishly pretending they do not care at all.

Smoking is not just dangerous to our health but also indirectly teach the kids to also smoke when they grow up – more of an inherited characteristic. It has been said that “Your kids become who you are!” and in the future, I do not want to see my daughters smoking. It is best to always set a good example to our kids and smoking is no good, health wise and personality wise. Their present health condition will definitely worsen if they decide to smoke someday. That, I can no longer take. The kids’ welfare is always FIRST.

It has been mentioned that those who are planning to quit smoking and are having a hard time to can use e-cigarette temporarily. It does not have smoke, and it will surely help someone completely quit smoking. I would like to promote the e-cigarette at home so we will all benefit from it.


I would like to post this as a review to the e-Census website.

E-Census is an online facility that caters to requests for copy issuance of civil registry records (i.e. birth certificates, marriage contracts etc.), online status query and vital statistics tabulation. It also has links to selected features in the NSO website.

I have used this facility for a couple of times already and it never failed me. They are prompt in sending me an email when there was a delay in one of the documents I requested. I paid the documents online on my first set of requests and through BDO in the most recent one. After 2 business days, I have the documents already. It definitely saved me a lot of time and effort. I don’t have to worry about falling in line anymore.

Kudos to the team behind this web component of the National Statistics Office – Civil Registry System (NSO-CRS). With today’s technology, this facility is such a great help for everyone especially to the Filipinos abroad. Foreign request is available if the delivery destination is outside the Philippines. Local requests fee is affordable at PhP 315.00 per copy while CENOMAR (Singleness) fee per copy is PhP415.00. The fees for local requests are inclusive of courier charges already. Foreign request is US$20.00 per copy for copy issuance and US$25.00 per copy for CENOMAR (Singleness) requests, also inclusive of courier charges. There are even several options for you to pay.

So, for those who would like to request authenticated copies of their documents from NSO, why bother falling in line and wait for hours? Here’s the easier answer to your requests. Visit the eCensus website for more information.