Successful 17th Birthday Surprise: Huion Graphic Tablet

Our birthday surprise for Kea is a Huion Graphic Tablet – an affordable one, to be exact. She has been eyeing graphic tablets for some time and kept sending images in our fam group chat. She is an aspiring artist and took up the Visual Arts strand under the Arts and Design Track. She’s more into watercolor and sketching but has been wanting to try digital arts.

Huion Graphic Tablet: H430P Inspiroy

Successful Birthday Surprise: Huion Graphics Tablet

Huion Graphic Tablet pen

Got this Graphic tablet for less than two thousand pesos. It came with a glove and a battery-free stylus. Kea liked the fact that these graphic tablets came with their own stylus already. This time, she won’t have to use her bare fingers in creating digital art like the Kim Tae-Hyung fan art she made using an app on her phone.

You may visit her art account on Instagram to check out her artwork! Go find @HEYITSKEA_ now. Send in your feedback and requests if you may have any. She gladly accepts suggestions and recommendations too. Thanks a lot!


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